We design and build products that matter.

An electronic design and manufacturing company that delivers engineering-focused solutions.

Our Turnkey Solutions

We cater to our customers' unique needs at every stage — from exclusive services to comprehensive manufacturing, troubleshooting, and bottom-up design — ensuring a reliable and tailored experience that meets their requirements seamlessly.

Why Impact Electronic Solutions?

We are highly skilled, passionate, solution-oriented designers and manufacturers who create precise and trusted designs that function in the most challenging environments.

Innovative and custom solutions

Trusted and agile supplier

Award-winning work

Culture of continuous improvement

Strong, continuous communication

    We can bring your vision to life.

    Industry Expertise

    We provide prototype and full-turnkey production services for a wide range of customers across multiple sectors.

    About Us

    Get to Know Impact ES

    We are a dynamic team dedicated to delivering innovative electronic design and manufacturing services that consistently outperform industry standards.