Military & Defense

We are experts in the Department of Defense's mission-critical quality and security requirements and design highly complex electronics-based devices and systems to meet their needs.

Comprehensive Military & Defense Solutions

Our reliable, high-performance applications and solutions are designed to provide the superior electronic detection, protection, and attack capabilities needed for successful operations.



  • Communications Electronic Warfare (CEW)

  • Electromagnetic Signatures

  • Radar Electronic Warfare (REW)


  • Edge Computing 

  • RF Convergence

  • Software-Defined Systems



“Silicon Forest Electronics [a subsidiary of Impact ES] has been more than a vendor but a valued partner for 10+ years. Their proactive support and understanding of their customers' goals set them apart from other contract manufacturers.”

Procurement manager

“I love that I can place an order with Silicon Forest Electronics [a subsidiary of Impact ES] and I don’t have to worry about it. I know that it will be done right and it will be on time.”

Senior buyer, Uster Technologies

“Silicon Forest Electronics [a subsidiary of Impact ES], has been an outstanding PCBA supplier partner for Thermo Fisher Scientific (Bothell, WA).The team fulfills every instrument order (EVOS and HCS Systems) without fail and demonstrates a remarkable willingness to collaborate with the Thermo Fisher Scientific Supply Chain Team and our brokers. Thank you!”

Supply Chain Lead, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“I have been working with the Grants Pass Team (formerly ESAM) since 2012 and I consider them a valuable partner. Their team is involved in every stage from design development to production. The products they provide are consistently of the highest quality, with a failure rate of less than 1%. Monthly visits from their service representative allow our production and R&D engineers to discuss new ideas and review opportunities for improvement. Thanks to the high acceptance rate of harnesses and components from this team, we have streamlined our incoming receiving process. I greatly value the relationship with Impact ES.”

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

    Why Choose Impact

    Leading Technologies

    Our innovative technologies keep pace with — and give you an advantage over — your adversaries in the field.

    Multidisciplinary Team

    Our engineers collaborate with commercial and academic counterparts to maintain the up-to-date knowledge base needed to produce specialized and sophisticated technologies.

    Security Focus

    We place a premium on discretion and confidentiality in our development and manufacturing of military technologies.

    Increased Durability

    We manufacture products with new and more resistant materials that can withstand harsh combat situations.

    Industry 5.0-Ready

    Our extensive digital tracking system can monitor every single component and process, ensuring complete traceability.

    Open Architecture

    Our systems allow for a more efficient and cost-effective migration of data with financial services and CRM’s.