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Beto Dantas.
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Impact Electronic Solutions Welcome New President and CEO

Exciting news – Impact Electronics Solutions (IES) is thrilled to welcome Beto Dantas as our new President and CEO....

Impact ES is off to a busy tradeshow season

We kicked off the year by exhibiting at the HAI Heli-Expo in sunny Anaheim, CA in February. This show never...

Introducing Impact's newest addition to the team

We are happy to introduce Erica Bogard, our newest addition to the Impact ES family, stepping into the role of...

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DogWatch Hidden Fences

Context:Our client, DogWatch®, provides a full line of pet fences and training products, such as hidden fence systems...

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Case Studies

Industrial FPGA Device

Context:To keep an industrial facility running, routine testing is performed by technicians using a specialized...


4 Ways to Use Your Certification After Learning Soldering

Earning your Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC) soldering certification can open up a wide variety of career...


Benefits of Laser Drilling in PCB Assembly Services

As a majority of people know, in order to establish connections through different layers of printed circuit boards,...


How Technical Courses Differentiate IPC Class 2 and Class 3 Solder Joints

There are standards for just about everything in the world of manufacturing. These standards are in place to make...


How to Prevent Supply Chain Issues During Circuit Card Assembly

Few supply chain issues have been as disruptive as the significant circuit card shortage. Organizations across many...


The Importance of Prototyping to Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly is the engine that drives much of modern electronics. Even the smallest faults in the...


Key Players in Electronics Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly manufacturers play an increasingly important role in the growing field of...


Learn to Optimize Your Printed Circuit Board Production

Following a carefully laid out strategy can mean the difference between a quick, successful printed circuit board...


Solder Certification Classes: A Guide to Becoming a Certified Soldering Professional

We live in an era of technological progress – and it’s easy to see the many advancements being developed every day....


What Does Industry Growth Mean for Jobs that Require IPC-A-610 Certification?

Everywhere you go, you can see people using a variety of electronic devices. Usage has increased exponentially over...


The Importance of ESD Control

When working in manufacturing, it is crucial to know and practice important safety rules to ensure products meet...