About Us

Core Values

At Impact Electronic Solutions, we are guided by what we call the ‘impact ethos’—a set of core values that serve as our compass, directing every aspect of our operations toward a common goal of enriching lives, elevating product quality, upholding integrity, responding to customers needs, and fostering employee engagement.

Impacting People in a Positive Way

  • We Impact: Employees, Suppliers, Customers, End Users, and our Communities.

  • We invest in long-term relationships.

  • We provide opportunities for our employees and business partners to develop and reach their goals.

Committed to Integrity and Building Trust

  • We are committed to honesty, ethical behavior, and transparency when communicating with employees, customers, and business partners.

  • We use all available communication methods. We encourage candor and transparency and deliver bad news sooner rather than later.

Focused on Quality

  • Our highly skilled, passionate, solutions-oriented team is dedicated to provide products and services that meet or exceed customers’ expectations and/or requirements.

Dedicated to Improvement

  • We strive for continuous improvement and the elimination of waste in all areas of the corporation.

  • Our employees are constantly seeking to improve our processes for our customers and our teams.

Servant Leaders

  • Leaders possess a servant attitude when working with employees, customers and stakeholders.

  • Anyone can be a leader.

Adapting to Customer Needs

  • We seek to understand our customer’s needs and work to support them in achieving their goals.

  • We are nimble to respond while also consistent, reliable and stable in our delivery.

Problem Solving Partners

  • We embrace our customers’ complex challenges and engineer practical solutions at the highest level.

  • Solving complex problems is integral to the value we offer.

  • Simplicity is preferable.